Gathering and networking of the Buddhist Teachers in Europe

2017 Warsaw, Poland

2018 Birmingham, UK

2019 Barcelona, Spain MahaCouncil or Great Gathering 

2017 Warsaw, Poland
Benchen Karma Kamtsang Centre
Grabnik 4
96-313 Jaktorow, Poland
From: 24 - 27 September 2017

Welcome to this year’s „Small Meeting of Buddhist Teachers in Europe”!

Buddhist Modernism and Hybridity today.
Contemporary Europe is characterised by a number of discourses dealing with transformation processes involving Buddhism. These on the one hand are dealing with Buddhist values, methods and techniques becoming established in individual European minds as well as the social and cultural sphere. On the other hand Buddhism in Europe is undergoing processes of adaptation and inculturation.
Scientific thinking ranging from astrophysics, neuroscience, psychology, sociology and economics to name just a few have asserted their influence on European Buddhism since its early days at the beginning of the 19th century. Its present hybridity pays tribute to the laws of dependent origination in a rapidly changing social sphere in a globalised world. It goes without saying that the arrival and presence of practically all the traditional teachings from Asian cultures see themselves matched since the 1960s with genuinely European Buddhist traditions, often using elements and methods from a variety of traditional forms of Asian Buddhism. What is often overlooked is the fact that some Buddhist teachings coming from the East are themselves stemming from reform movements shaped by the post-colonial struggles, modernisation and anti-war movements in the early decades of the 20th century. Inter-religious encounter in East and West have led to further hybridisation on all sides. David McMahan's "The Making of Buddhist Modernism", published in 2008 has been followed by a range of articles and books on these phenomena until the present day.

The idea for the small meeting of BTE 2017 is to prioritise on the aspects that are felt to be the most burning in the hands of this year's participants. As some of these items on the contemporary agenda may not find their due place in this year's meeting, or might not have received sufficient attention this year, let me suggest that we stay with the general topic as outlined above also for the small BTE meeting 2018, taking into account the specific priorities voiced by the coming participants of the 2018 meeting.

If you want to forward a specific topic for this year's meeting already burning in your hand, you are warmly welcome to do so.

As the coordinator of this year's meeting I will forward any such collected suggestions to the participants enrolling for the 2017 meeting in Poland by mid-August.

Registration form:
Kurt Krammer (

Birmingham (Worcester) UK
Adhisthana, Triratna Buddhist Community
Coddington, Ledbury HR8 1JL,
From: 30 September to 3 October 2018

Welcome to the „Small Meeting of Buddhist Teachers in Europe”!

Large meeting (Mahasangha)

Barcelona, Spain

Marcel Geisser and Sylvia Wetzel and Doris Harder agreed to prepare the invitations on the BTE side.
Marcel agreed to send the invitations to all of you and collect the registrations for the conference.

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