Gathering and networking of the Buddhist Teachers in Europe

2018 Coddington, Ledbury (UK): Small Meeting

2019 Barcelona, Spain: MahaCouncil or Great Gathering

Adhisthana, Triratna Buddhist Community
Coddington Court, Coddington
Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 1JL
(Closest Airport: Birmingham)
From: 30 September to 3 October 2018
Welcome to the „Small Meeting of Buddhist Teachers in Europe”:

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Following the inspiration given by the Hamburg conference in June this year (cf., which some of you might have attended, this year's topic for our small meeting preceding next year's large meeting in Barcelona will be:

"Buddhists in Dialogue with Contemporary Societies in Europe"

Last year's round of teachers agreed that we would take up topics from the 2017 meeting if all the participants this year would feel this to be attractive. After last year's very inspiring exchanges many felt there were topics that would allow a deeper engagement if we had the time for it. This year's meeting and topic will easily give space to follow up topics from last year's discussions on the topic: "How to live, study, teach Buddhism in Europe today".

I hope to meet many of you in Adhisthana this year! (For members and by invitation only!)
Kurt Krammer (

Large meeting (Mahasangha)

Barcelona, Spain

Marcel Geisser, Sylvia Wetzel and Doris Harder agreed to prepare the invitations on the BTE's side.
Marcel agreed to send the invitations to all of you and to collect the registrations for the conference.

Main topics: to follow