Gathering and networking of the Buddhist Teachers in Europe

2020:  Friday 23 October to Sunday 25 October

This is the report and a suggestion of regular meetings:

A total of 14 teachers took part, many attending for all three meetings. Throughout the meetings there was a general wish that we meet more, which would build friendships between us - friendships we could call upon at any time for any reason, rather than only meeting every year or three.

It was suggested that we try offering monthly dates to meet, with a more prepared meeting every third month when someone would introduce a discussion by presenting a short talk on a topic. So we will offer dates from November to April, with presentations in January and April. If you would like to present a topic, please tell us. There is, of course, no reason that anyone could not bring a topic to any meeting for discussion. We will review the success of this plan next spring.

We will begin with a Friday evening as a good time to catch people, if that would not suit you please let us know. We hope you feel like trying out these meetings, even though so much of our teaching activity is now on Zoom.

FIRST MEETING: Friday November 13th 8 pm Central European Time (UTC + 1)

Best wishes,
Susthama, Five & Kurt, EBT conveners.