Buddhist Teachers in Europe

Each year since 2003, there has been a meeting of a network of experienced Buddhist teachers in association with the European Buddhist Union.

We are a network of experienced Buddhist teachers

The purpose of the Network is to facilitate open communication and understanding between European Buddhist Teachers of all Traditions. 

There is no leader, the emphasis of the network is on the development of peer relationships.

The Network aims to build relationships and have a sense of continuity through ongoing contact. 

New members are invited by consent of the group as a whole. Hence the network does not claim to be representative of European Buddhism, though it comprises teachers from most countries in Europe and from many traditions. Criteria for membership of the network can be found here.

Annual meetings & meeting history

The Network meets for three or four days annually at the end of September, immediately before or after the European Buddhist Union meeting. Meetings are hosted by Buddhist Centres across Europe.

European Teachers

List of our network teachers by country.

News and upcoming meetings